Testimonials | Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation

LECF has been launched at a critical time in our nation’s history. Now more than ever we need an organization like LECF to reinforce and preserve the bonds between law enforcement and the citizens.

- Stacey West, Pennsylvania

I am proud to support the Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation. The Foundation will touch Law Enforcement offices and its public throughout the United States. We need to keep the bonds between the people and law enforcement strong.

- Hope Whipple, New York

I find LECF a most worthy foundation. Not only does it support our law enforcement at the local level, it provides support for families of those fallen officers who died in the line of duty through a variety of programs and outreach. What better way to show the bond between law enforcement officials and the people? I fully support LECF.

- W.T. Hauser, Wisconsin

My hat is off to the recently formed Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation for providing a practical way to protect government at the local level. LECF support for local law enforcement members who live and work among the people they serve can go far toward maintaining the balance of power so vital to an independent nation.

The Founders studied past governments, took the best from them and then, enshrined in the Constitution a new, fresh ingredient: government at the local level, close to the people. By establishing education and charitable programs which encourage the bond between local law enforcement and people in local communities, the LEC Foundation is taking a particularly focused step toward keeping federal law enforcement within its constitutional bounds and energizing local participation.

The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation has found the way: Hold fast to that which is good and have a workable way to do it.

- Alice Wynne Gatsis, North Carolina