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The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation exists only on donations and sales of its materials and does not accept any federal money or federal assistance. If you share our passion for this mission of supporting police officers and the families of fallen officers, please consider a tax-exempt donation.

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Financial Planner

Stock transfers delivered electronically need to clear through our local brokerage firm (Triad Advisors, Inc.) who clears through National Financial Services, LLC. Our investment advisor is Bud Nackers - (920) 738-3244. National Financial Services DTC number is 0226. The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundations’ account# is DSA000425 and their federal ID# is 81-1594518.

If you have any questions pertaining to the electronic transfer of stock please call either Bud Nackers at Triad Advisors, Inc. - (920) 738-3244 or Jeff LeClaire direct line – (920) 325-2677 or LECF at (877) 325-2677.

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How are donations spent?

We take seriously the trust our donors place in us to use their donations exactly as we advocate. We have taken steps to hold down our overhead expenses, so the bulk of donations go directly to our mission of supporting police officers and the families of fallen officers.

Family Grants

LECF, Inc. is equipped to accept gifts which not only include checks and credit card contributions, but also stocks and bonds. Some gifts can bypass capital gains. Including LECF in your estate planning would be a wonderful way to demonstrate your support for police officers and outreach for law enforcement officers throughout the United States. For additional information on how you can help, please call or contact us.

Financial planners can help raise funds by steering their clients to the giving opportunities presented by the Foundation.