National Police Week 2019

National Police Week 2019

What began in 1982 as a one-day memorial service attended by 120 law enforcement surviviors and supporters is now attended by thousands of officers from around the world, and lasts an entire week. 

The event has become such  big deal, in fact, that it has it’s own web site, complete with itineraries, a map of Washington D.C., and related links. 

Aside from the influx of people and activites in D.C., communities around the nation are celebrating and honoring law enforcement in their own ways. In Michigan, a citizen launched a state-wide effort to honor officers all year long, not just during National Police Week. In a letter to her local department, she wrote: 

In the latest political climate, you – our law enforcement – have taken a very bad beating. It is time for the public narrative to change so it reflects the truth: the majority of America’s citizens support and appreciate our Law Enforcement.

We are going to be calling on citizens to take a stand, speak up, and show their public support for Michigan’s Law Enforcement. It is time the story and the headlines change in our state, and we believe a tipping point can be created. This is our hope, our prayer, and our ardent goal.

Officer, thank you for all that you do for me, my family, our state, and nation. I speak for thousands and millions when I say, you are our heroes.

Every day this week, we’ll be sharing an event honoring law enforcement. WE suggest you get on your city’s web site or event calendar to find out how you can participate in honoring your local law enforcement!

May 13, 2019  Robin Kinderman
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