Departments Around the Country Experience Shortage

Departments Around the Country Experience Shortage

Thanks to the last few years of Black Lives Matter, the Ferguson Effect, and the radical Left doing anything else they can to eradicate our police force, departments around the country are now experiencing severe shortages. 

According to an article on, the total number of sworn officers has fallen 23,000 since 2013. The article cites retirement as one of the reasons, but how many officers were either killed in the line of duty or left the field because they had to kill some one? The article also says,

"Recruiters blame the hot job market, as well as greater skepticism about law enforcement as a career choice. That skepticism has grown in the past few years, fed by viral videos of controversial incidents of use of force by police. Where hundreds of people used to apply for a job opening, now it’s often only a handful."

It goes on to explain that in order to deal with the shortage, they’ve changed their standards, now allowing facial hair, tattooes, and in some cases, past use of marijuana. It’s personal opinion if you think facial hair and tattooes should keep you from a job -- the real question we see here is, are they lowering their physical and mental requirements? If today’s generation will let facial hair and tattooes stop them from getting a job, will they expect that job to bow down to their physical and mental level as well? The article states that todays recruits are looking for a job where they can change the world and boost up the community, rather than dealing with the knitty gritty that us civilians would rather not know about. 

So what is going to happen in the near future? A shortage of officers means we will most likely see a rise in crime, an expansion of low-income, crime ridden neighborhoods, a deteriation of police/community relations and activities, and a decrease in officers’ attitudes and morals because they’re over-worked, under-paid, and fighting an uphill battle. 

What can you do to help? Sit down with your local chief or sheriff and see what you can do to help. You probably can’t pay the wage of the additional officer they need to hire, but you may be able to help somewhere else, such as purchasing a few bags of dog food for their canine unit, holding a fundraiser to help them buy new equipment, or getting a local shop to donate a set of new tires for their squad car. If you can help out financially in one area, that money can go toward hiring a new officer. 

December 19, 2018  Robin Kinderman