Another Consent Decree for Chicago

Another Consent Decree for Chicago

The Chicago Police Department has a new consent decree to follow, because apparently the last one wasn’t good enough. 

According to the article "Torn Apart by Misconduct -- Chicago Police Brutality Survivors Call for Strong Consent Decree" posted on The Medill News Service, the consent decree has been in the process for three years, following the death of Laquan McDonald by Officer Jason Van Dyke. 

Officer Van Dyke was convicted of murder, but that the people felt the federal intervention was needed. The new consent decree requires officers to document every time they point their gun at someone. While Mayor Rahm Emanurl supports the decree, the Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham does not, citing that it will cause hesistation. 

He’s justified in saying so -- the previous consent decree that required officers to document every encounter they had with an individual caused "de-policing" -- officers stopped interacting with people and going into certain neighborhoods because they were fearful of doing something wrong and haven’t to document it. Having to document every time you point your fun and then justify your reasoning for it is ridiculous. Yes, there are bac cops out there, but almost any decent cop will tell you that they are not trigger happy - the last thing they want to do is pull their gun with the possibility of taking a life. 

If the Chicago PD needs reformation, it needs to come from the local level -- not federal. Federal intervention leads to militarization, and that isn’t going to help anyone. 



November 1, 2018  Robin Kinderman
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