Trump encourages police violence

Trump encourages police violence

President Trump is receiving some backlash after comments he made to police officers during a speech on July 28. According to The Washington Post, Trump told a group of officers that they shouldn’t worry about protecting a suspect’s head when putting them in the back of their squad car. The article cites other incidents when Trump has made remarks about suspects needing to be roughed up more. This, of course, has created a fury of ridicule from the ACLU and other human rights groups. Many law enforcement agencies have also publicly stated that they do not support Trump’s comments and that they have will continue to follow their careful procedures of handling suspects.

Many may support Trump’s attitudes towards criminals – that they should be “roughed up” for what they’ve done -- but as the leader of our country, he should not be announcing this publicly. We already have groups like Black Lives Matter claiming that police violence and brutality is out of control – we don’t need our Commander in Chief encouraging it. That isn’t going to help anyone.

If you are an officer, please continue to follow your departments’ procedures for handling suspects. If you are a civilian, please show your local police that you support them in the tough job they do every day. We don’t need them to be more violent. We need them to know that we respect them and are willing to work with them to make their jobs and our communities safer.

July 30, 2017  Robin Kinderman
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