Protesting the Right to Protest?

Protesting the Right to Protest?

The world is seeming a bit dismal right now. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and mass shootings leave one feeling helpless, wondering if things are ever going to get turned around.

Even though many of know that the major news outlets are controlled by leftist organizations with ulterior motives, they leave one wondering if the majority of the American population really is of the radical left mindset.

But then there are letters like this one; posted at, the author starts:

The mainstream media and the progressive left have created a completely false narrative regarding the disrespect of the national anthem and the American flag as a protest against police killings of black victims and have painted the entire law enforcement community as purveyors of systemic racism.

The writer goes on to share actual statistics of police shooting civilians versus civilians shooting police, and what percentage are African Americans.

The whole NFL protest debacle has left many of us just confused. The players claim they are kneeling during the National Anthem to protest racial inequality and police brutality, but most of American takes it as an insult – they are disrespecting the flag and America.

The National Anthem is just that – a National Anthem. Merriam-Webster defines a National Anthem as “a song that praises a particular country and that is officially accepted as the country’s song.” When we stand for the Anthem, we are showing respect and loyalty to our nation.

The players are indicating that our country stands for racism, inequality and brutality, and therefore they don’t respect it nor are loyal to it.

Yet…they continue to play a game in which they get paid millions. They are adored and worshipped by thousands of people. They receive first-rate healthcare when they are injured. Most of them probably have a body guard or two. Most (if not all) of them live in posh houses and drive lush sports cars. They seem to have no problem with that part of our American society.

Now, when the players first started protesting, many people fired back with opinions along the lines of “This is America! You respect the flag!” But – here’s the catch: our country is founded on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The freedom of expression allows for citizens to protest. So….does it make sense to protest something that gives you the right to protest?

The point is, the players and anyone else have the right to protest the government and anything else they think is wrong – but kneeling during the National Anthem is not the right way to do it.

The author of the Letter to the Editor sums up his (and many of our) thoughts perfectly:

The progressive left and the media seem to have orchestrated a clever political strategy to promote identity politics in an effort to create more national dissension to aid Democratic candidates in the next elections. The public responses to the past three hurricanes and the Las Vegas shooting tragedy were wonderful examples of true American empathy and unity of fellow citizens. An appropriate way to turn around this growing sense of separation and hostility is to have healthy dialogue between parties who may disagree with each other but still can discuss positive solutions to reduce America’s divided attitudes.

October 9, 2017  Robin Kinderman
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