Educational Grants

Educational Grants

Educational Scholarships & Police Grants

Financial and Other Support Tools

Another part of our vision is to offer a number of tools that will directly support police officers and their families. We believe that education is not only needed, but can directly aid the families of fallen officers. We would like to be able to offer one-time grants to families of fallen officers killed in the line of duty; educational aid for children of fallen officers through FreedomProject Academy; grants to support the creation of police monuments; “Officer of the Year” and other related awards; community grants for protective vests and cameras; and police grants to police academies to use qualified constitutional training guides for new officers. All of this is dependent upon the level of donations to the foundation.

Family Grants

A number of posthumous benefits for law enforcement families come from state and federal sources within the government, as well as police unions and related associations. Many times, these come after an extended period of time. LECF plans to offer grants to qualified members of the fallen officer’s family to help ease the short-term financial burdens they may face in the immediate aftermath. We hope to personally contact the family of fallen officers to determine their financial needs and offer appropriate help.

Educational Aid for Children of Fallen Officers

The children of fallen officers face a tough, uphill battle as they struggle to come to grips with life without their loved one. However, with the aid of a solid educational foundation, these children can succeed and go on to become our next generation of leaders. To help them receive this foundation, LECF would like to (depending upon donation levels) provide educational grants to qualified children of fallen officers to attend FreedomProject Academy (link: (FPA). FPA is a proud partner of LECF and delivers a full curriculum (K-12) through the Internet that is based on Judeo-Christian values and akin to the type of education our founding fathers had received. The curriculum is delivered live with student interaction. While the curriculum is challenging, the benefits can be extraordinary.

Police Monument Grants

Many communities pay tribute to their public service officials through various types of monuments. Understanding that these monuments help us remember the service and dedication these officials had in their communities, LECF is accepting proposals to provide grants to qualified police monuments.

Community Grants for Protective Equipment

Protective equipment is an expensive requirement for any department, but is a necessity with all the challenges that today’s officers face. LECF would like to offer police grants to police departments for qualified equipment, including body cameras, vests, and helmets, among others. Click here to fill out a grant application.

Police Academy Grants for Constitutional Training

Law enforcement is in a unique position to protect the communities they serve and to be leaders within those communities. Understanding their role in safeguarding freedom is important, especially as they interact and teach those they serve. LECF strongly believes that an education in the constitutional foundation of our country is essential for law enforcement, so we would like to provide grants to police academies and other qualified educational entities agreeing to purchase specific training materials.