Garry McCarthy - friend or foe of Chicago?

Garry McCarthy - friend or foe of Chicago?

Former Chicago Superintendent Garry McCarthy is in hot water, depending on which publication you read. 

McCarthy - having previously worked for the police departments of New York City, Newark, and Chicago -- is currently campaigning to be Mayor of Chicago, and is getting a lot of grief for how he’s ’apparently’ treated blacks in the past. 

According to The Chicago Tribune, it was McCarhty’s mistreatment of blacks while he was Superintendent that led to the consent decree. But if you read The Chicago Defender, it quotes McCarthy explaning that it was Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s poor leadership of the city, along with the Chicago Police Board’s lack of accountability, that led to the current state of the city’s police force. 

Both sites reference McCarthy’s recommendations to improving the city’s police relations with the African-American community - improving socioeconomic conditions - which he states are in a state of disarray because of Mayor Emmanuel. 

Many people see Chicago as a city full of corrupt cops and out-of-control crime; What they don’t understand is that federal overreach deserves much of the blame. Consent decrees do nothing more than tie the hands of the police, dictating what they can and can’t do, not allowing them to properly perform their jobs. Many officers become paranoid and try to avoid any situation that may involve a person of a minority-race, for fear of losing their job. The criminals of the minority population know this and use it to their advantage. 

The Chicago Defender quotes McCarthy as saying, “They [the Police Board] overturned 75 percent  of my recommendations to fire police officers. I’m a very principled person. I worked for Internal Affairs in New York and arrested police officers. I’ll do it again.”

If he’s willing to root out the corruption and get rid of it, he may be just what Chicago needs. 

January 22, 2019  Robin Kinderman
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