Morality is the answer, not gun control

Morality is the answer, not gun control

We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again – any time a gun-related crisis takes places, anything and everything that has to do with guns becomes taboo.

Right after the Las Vegas shooting took place, the “suppressor” bill that was scheduled to be voted on in the House was put on hold.

Now, the Lake County Republican Party of Illinois received criticism for following through with their ‘Second Amendment Dinner and Gun Raffle’, which took place this past Friday night.  Apparently, the politically correct thing to do would have been to cancel the party. Hosting a gun-themed event so soon after the Las Vegas shooting is insensitive (sarcasm intended).

The event has been in the works for over a year, according to Mark Shaw, the Lake County GOP chairman. Tickets cost $75 person, and proceeds were intended for charities, though now it has been decided that a good chunk will go to the families of officers killed during the shooting.

The Lake County Democratic Party’s chairman, Sen. Terry Link, is quoted as saying that “only the Right-wing Republicans would have something like this at this time.” He goes on to say that he is fine with “stable” people owning guns, but there’s no reason to own a bump stock.

Yes, only Right-wing Republicans are insensitive enough that they will carry on with a fundraising event that they started planning a year ago, with the intention of raising money for charities and showing support for our second amendment (sarcasm again). Also, only Republicans (or at least Constitutionally-minded conservatives) will remind you that the right to carry arms is critical to our freedom, and that the insiders powers that be are very adept at creating chaos and taking advantage of chaos in order to push their own agendas.

The Left may blame the Right for being insensitive for defending guns, but they were just as politically outspoken within minutes of the Last Vegas shooting. Their solution, of course, is more gun control and more thorough background checks. But – as many of you already know – none of that would have stopped Stephen Paddock. His record was flawless and nothing in his every day behavior raised a red flag. Gun control proponents will say “well he shouldn’t have had access to a gun like that!” Well….even if that gun becomes illegal, it’s not going to stop the people who really want one. Drugs are illegal, and they’re still all over the place.

The solution isn’t the restriction of our God-given rights. The solution is the education of our God-given rights, and a return to morality.

October 15, 2017  Robin Kinderman
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