Supporting your police does not mean supporting criminal cops

Supporting your police does not mean supporting criminal cops

There are some people out there who think that those of us who support campaigns and groups like “Support Your Local Police,” “The Thin Blue Line,” and “Back the Blue” are willing to back up officers no matter what they do.

This is not the case. We support our officers against the hatred and unjust racism they face every day on the job. We stand by their side when they are falsely accused of unnecessary force. When they are smeared in the media, we seek to know the other side.

We do not make excuses for officers who have done wrong and been found guilty. As the saying goes, there’s a bad egg in every basket. If we are going to support our officers, we need them to be performing their jobs correctly. Part of our support is making sure the system is working correctly.

New Jersey seems to be the center of police corruption. In an article titled “Money and Silence Push Along Bad Cops,” writer Andrew Ford describes how New Jersey is notorious for paying resigned officers to keep silent. Rather than charge an officer with a misdemeanor or felony and fire them, they ask them to resign, pay them not to badmouth the police force, and let them move on. The officers are free to take a job at a different station, without anyone knowing the wiser,

According the article, there are only five states that can do this. The rest have laws against it. In this situation, if we are to support our police, we need to get those five states to pass laws prohibiting law-breaking officers from simply “resigning.” We need them off the force. We need our police force to be full of men and women who obey the law, uphold the Constitution, and protect the people.

January 22, 2018  Robin Kinderman
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