BLM isn’t a national security threat?!

BLM isn’t a national security threat?!

In an article posted on The Real News Network, reporter Sharmini Peries interviews Stephanie Llanes, a lawyer for the Center for Constitutional Rights about documents obtained from the FBI showing that they have been spying on Black Lives Matter.

Llanes explains that the FBI is claiming that BLM has a tendency to be violent. She claims that the FBI is “trying to conflate and come up with arguments to show that,” citing the incident in Dallas where the gunman shot five police officers. She points out that the investigation into that shooting shows that man was not associated with BLM, but then goes on to say that the feds are trying to label these incidents as “black supremist” which isn’t a movement, doesn’t have any history, and therefore shouldn’t be investigated.

Um, what?

What about The Black Panther Party? FBI director J. Edgar Hoover called the Black Panther Party “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country” and started COINTELPRO, a counterintelligence program, which Llanes cites later in the interview – contradicting herself. She claims that the FBI’s investigations then and now are unconstitutional.

Our government has been pretty good at overstepping their bounds and doing things that are unconstitutional, but one thing they are supposed to do is protect our country and its people. This means investigating and getting rid of terrorist groups – whether they be foreign or domestic.

Llanes claim that BLM is not violent is so completely false that it’s just ridiculous. What did BLM do when Jason Stockley was acquitted of killing a black man in St. Louis? They rioted. They threw rocks and bottles at the mayor’s house. The police put up barricades, so they wouldn’t destroy the court house. Oe police officer suffered a broken jaw.

But they’re not violent.

I don’t know what world Llanes lives in, but it obviously isn’t this one. And The Real News Network may want to look into changing their name.

December 3, 2017  Robin Kinderman
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