The Skewed Results of people killed in 2017 are here...

The Skewed Results of people killed in 2017 are here...

If you Google “how many people were shot by police officers in 2017”, the first story that pops up is one posted be The Root, an African-American run “news” web site. I put quotation marks around news because their stories, while they appear to report facts, are heavily interwoven with opinions and a Black Lives Matter slant.

This article, with the attention-getting title of  “Here’s How Many People Police Killed in 2017”, starts off with the staggering number of 1,129 people killed by police. They cite their sources, but (not) surprisingly, the Washington Post’s Fatal Force database states 987 people shot and killed by police. It appears that The Root is counting deaths caused by forces other than gunshots. So I clicked on one of the sites that they reference – Fatal Encounters --  and get this:

“This site keeps track of people killed by police with gunfire, police chases, suicides--any interaction with law enforcement in which a person is killed.”

What?! So you’re telling me that is a person happens to be in the vicinity of a police officer and commits suicide, it is the officer’s fault? Or if they are being pursued and lose control of their vehicle, that is the police officer’s fault?

I don’t accept that. It’s “statistics” like that that enable web sites like The Root and Fatal Encounters to make people think police have “killed” way more people than they actually have. You can’t kill a person if they commit suicide. You can’t kill a person if they are being an idiot criminal driving at 110 mph and get t-boned by a semi.

Unfortunately, the Merriam-Webster definition of “To Kill” is to “cause the death of or end the life of.” Apparrently our anti-police web sites are using this to their full advantage.

Regardless, let’s look at the facts according to Fatal Force:

·         987 people killed by police, by gunshot, in 2017.

·         456 were white, 223 were black.

·         579 of them had a gun, 156 a knife.

·         307 of them were fleeing the scene.

As we can see here, more whites than blacks were killed, but that makes sense because whites make up a larger percentage of the population. Yet, as we’ve reported before, blacks account for more than 50% of all crimes – homicides, burglaries, assaults, etc.  

If 735 of these people had a weapon, and 307 were fleeing, then you have to ask yourself, what would you do? You can’t honestly answer that because you aren’t a trained police officer, and you weren’t there, but I highly doubt you’d stand by and wait to see what they’re going to do.

Now, on the other hand, 128 officers were killed in 2017, down from 143 in 2016. Could this be because officers started to take back control of their situations? As many of us already know, 2016 was a horrid year of riots, racism, police hatred, government interference and de-policing. Officers were being accused left and right of racism and abuse for so much as looking at someone wrong, resulting in many of them backing off and not doing their jobs correctly for fear of being persecuted. Perhaps the drop in police deaths means criminals are being caught before they can kill.

The article from The Root ends with saying that of the 534 “killer cops,” only 12 officers were charged with a crime. That’s probably because, for the other 522 officers, the person they killed was about to kill them.

January 3, 2018  Robin Kinderman
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