"Let’s hear it for those who walk the Thin Blue Line"

"Let’s hear it for those who walk the Thin Blue Line"

In our current world of anti-fascist, anti-white, anti-cop, anti-Trump, anti-government political culture wars, someone standing up for our men and women in blue is a breath of fresh air.

In a column titled “Let’s hear it for those who walk the blue line” in the Fort Wayne News Sentinel, the writer laments about the mainstream media’s emphatic coverage of Antifa mobs tearing down statues and constant criticism of police officers acting irrationally.

“…not a lot of time is given to those who walk the blue line trying to protect us from those who wish us harm, and end up getting killed for their efforts. The same media often sidesteps the knowledge that those doing the killing are thug opportunists influenced by those same mobs who they refuse to criticize.

But the mainstream has not shied away from criticizing police when officers are forced to quickly react when facing what they are forced to determine is life and death situations. The New York Times which has led a crusade disparaging the New York Police Department, while its mayor chooses to ignore those noble officers which have given their lives protecting the city has of course hailed the Obama administration’s “agreements” forced upon several cities’ police rank and file.”

 The author goes on to cite facts from Heather MacDonald’s book The War on Cops; and points out that those who try to speak the truth – or anything that differs from the far-Left’s point of view – are often silenced. Officers are being targeted because of a few rare incidences that the media chose to blow out of proportion and social media perpetuated rumors and false “facts.”

Without police to protect the public and regulate laws, there is anarchy. The definition of Anarchy is “a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.” Synonyms include “lawlessness,” “nihilism,” “disorder,” “chaos,” “mayhem,” and “turmoil.”  

Without order there is chaos, and as many of us learned in grade school reading Lord of the Flies, no one wins in the midst of chaos. In our case, chaos is being created so that a new “solution” can be proposed. This is how Hitler, Stalin, and many other dictators came to power, and it is the exact path our country is headed down if we let it. The way to prevent it is to support our police. They are the thin blue line between us and anarchy.

September 6, 2017  Robin Kinderman
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