About Us

We hope to create better understanding about the people and the organizations behind the war on police.

Our Mission

Protecting the bond that exists between community and local law enforcement through education, programs, and briefings, while offering charitable support for families of police officers killed in the line of duty, and grants to law enforcement agencies for protective equipment, educational training, and memorials.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, the foundation saw a need to help our heroes in blue. Men and women who wear a law enforcement uniform earn respect from the communities they serve by performing their duties to the best of their abilities. They place their lives on the line every day while we go about our business of providing better lives for our families. In the United States, our local police have a long and dignified history of protecting the communities they serve, and we intend to preserve this approach to law enforcement, so our police can continue to stand in the gap between those who would harm us and the free society we all long to safeguard.

What makes us different from other foundations?

Plenty of other great police charities and foundations exist, yet we focus on an educational need that will help to ensure the independence that law enforcement needs to best serve and be accountable to its local communities.

What is LECF?

The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation began based on ideas from James F. Fitzgerald, a former Newark Police detective. His experience in law enforcement as well as his decades of work to help preserve the American system of government allows the foundation to have solid roots in identifying the educational and support tools needed to accomplish our mission, strive to our vision, and meet the needs of law enforcement.

Our Vision

Since LECF has just begun, our immediate focus was on producing a semiannual educational report for about 16,000 local police, county sheriffs, and state law enforcement officers. Our first Intelligence Brief provides accurate information and intelligence that many law enforcement officers are not currently receiving from other sources. We hope to create better understanding about the people and the organizations behind the war on police. This information will help LEOs to better protect their communities against civil disorder.

With the first issue complete, we are focusing on releasing future issues in the Spring and Fall, as well as moving into other areas of our mission.

As funds allow, we will follow up with additional educational tools.

Law Enforement Charitable Foundation, Inc.